Essential Pointers to Help Preserve Your Children’s School Uniforms.

School UniformChildren can lead more active lives than adults especially during their school years where they study and play at the same time. It’s therefore essential to purchase school uniforms that can withstand the wear and tear of all these academic and physical activities. It also helps that you care for your kid’s school clothes with these essential suggestions.

Regular Inspection

This is essential for kindergarten students at St. Edwards Integrated School since their curriculum encourages them to be active. Also, they might not be aware of the state of their school attires since they are so young. Upon arriving home, check for any sort of damage then remedy them immediately. Fixing any problems as soon as possible not only helps in keeping the clothes in good condition but also in cutting down costs by eliminating the need to do bigger repairs or buying new uniforms altogether.

Use Cold Water

Using cold water to clean your children’s school clothes can help preserve their fabric especially if there are no heavy stains that need to be removed. Warm water can damage clothes by warping, shrinking and fraying them. Also, check the status of your child’s clothing before you wash it since it’s one of the easiest ways to ensure that that their uniforms can last the entire school year.

Do Not Overload The Washer

While it’s certainly more convenient to wash all clothes in one go, this can increase the chances of fraying and fading. It would be better if you can set different washing schedules for your clothes, which will require more effort on your part but can help preserve the life of more fragile and sensitive items of clothing. Segregating depending on color and materials is essential, too.

“An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure” so the old axiom goes and it also applies here. Put these pointers into practice just so your kids’uniforms can stay in pristine condition. That way, your children’s academic outfits will also pass the school year with flying colors.