Why Ebola is Not as Scary as You Think

Ebola is definitely terrifying. For a virus that kills 9 out of 10 people who get it without any cure available as of yet, you have a reason to panic with its recent outbreak. But experts say that this notorious infective agent shouldn’t be that terrorizing.

ebolaHere’s why:

Not Highly Contagious

Despite being aggressively infectious, Ebola is an extremely fragile virus. Unlike common colds, it can’t easily transfer from human to human, nor can be transmitted through a sneeze or cough. This virus doesn’t fly in the air to find other hosts.

It’s Controllable

While no vaccine is around to equip the body to fight Ebola, doctors know how to control it to avoid transmission. Typical hospital disinfectants are enough to disable the virus.

The Authorities are Alert

The word is out about the outbreak and governments are taking precautions to identify possible Ebola carriers at airports. The staff all wears protective gear for proper hygiene. In addition, the medical teams in hospitals are ready to attend to an infected person properly.

The potential damage Ebola can do to its host may be severe, but the threat of this virus harming the public remains relatively small.