Dental Implants: How to Address Tooth Loss Problems

Dental ImplantDental implants can address teeth loss problems. They are placed on the socket where your missing tooth used to be. The gums would be able to heal in the next 12 weeks and grow around the implant's metal post.

Many people prefer getting dental implants to getting dentures. One of the reasons is that implants are permanent. You do not have to remove them for cleaning. In addition, dental implants substitute tooth roots, preventing further bone loss and promote natural healing by means of stimulating and preserving your bones. Here are the other reasons why many consider dental implants.

They are strong.

Dental implants, according to a dentist from Sutton Coldfield, are typically made of titanium, one of the strongest and most durable metals on earth. This material is biocompatible, which means it is accepted by the body. Some dental implants are made of zirconia, another strong and durable metal.  A good thing about zirconia is that it does not corrode.

They help prevent cavities.

Unlike real teeth, dental implants are not prone to cavities. As they are made from titanium or zirconia, they do not decay as natural teeth do. However, you still do have to maintain them and make sure they are in good condition by flossing and brushing them, and having regular dental visits. Take care of your other teeth and gums after getting dental implants because the implants could fail if gum diseases weaken your bones.

Getting dental implants is good because it means you are giving yourself the chance to have a good set of teeth again. The implants also look like real teeth, so you do not have to worry about your smile again.