Decluttering and Refocusing: Cleaning Up a Messy Work Desk

messy working tableDoes your monitor have a layer of notes stuck to it dating back to projects and workdays long gone? Do you have pens, and even half-eaten sandwiches under stacks of paperwork? You might not even be aware of it, but these are giveaways that tell others how disorganised you are.

The office should be a place of clean and crisp efficiency. The more organised you set up your desk to be, the more likely you are to go through your tasks successfully. While some may argue that a messy work station is a sign of a genius at work, the truth is that even the train of thought of a genius can end up in a total wreck because of distractions in the workplace.

Here are ways to de-clutter your desk and refocus yourself with a better workstation:

• Gathering up and sorting cluttered messes

By sorting all your office-related stuff, you minimise the tendency of losing important items. You can file everything in a much more organised manner and you will have fewer distractions flooding your thoughts as you work.

• Scheduled Office Cleanings

According to, trusted commercial cleaners in Perth, the regular maintenance that office cleaning services can help significantly in keeping the area free from disease-causing bacteria and even promoting a culture of cleanliness within the workplace.

• Maximising Storage Cabinets

Cabinets and drawers are there for a reason. Use them. The fewer items you have in view, the easier it is to work in a stress-free manner. Label all things you put away. You need not worry about losing important files as long as you stick to an efficient storage method.

The cleaner the office is, the more conducive it is for an efficient 9-5. Not only is an utterly cluttered office desk a sign of an overworked, and perhaps inefficient, office worker, all the mess can even end up as a breeding ground for germs.

Do yourself a favour and de-clutter your desk. Not only will your office space be cleaner, you may even be pleasantly surprised at how much more efficiently you will take on your daily duties.