Debunking Teeth Whitening Myths

Teeth WhiteningWhen people avoid going to their dentist, they turn to unfounded methods of whitening their teeth. There are very few methods a person can use at home – ones which actually work. But, a staggering amount of armchair dental advice has been circulating for too long, causing people severe disappointment and even damage to their teeth.

Here are a few of those myths:

Children Should Undergo Teeth Whitening

The dental structure of children differs greatly from that of adults. Teeth whitening procedures may damage the tissue in a child’s tooth, causing tremendous pain. Hold off teeth whitening until they are older. Better yet, instil good dental habits while they are young.

Ultraviolet Light Speeds Up the Process

Unfortunately, UV rays have recently fallen into the category of words industries throw around in order to ‘wow’ their target market. There are real beneficial applications for ultraviolet light, specifically in dermatology, but teeth whitening is not one of them.

Fruits Whiten Teeth

The use of acidic fruits such as strawberry or lemon is a delicious method of teeth whitening that actually works. Problem is, there is a possibility of the ‘cleansing’ process going beyond a tooth’s thin outer layer. It would be best to just stick to consuming fruits for their many other health benefits.

Teeth Whitening is Permanent

Much like everything else, teeth age. Touch-ups can hide the discolouration caused by our natural ageing process, but there is no permanent way to keep teeth as white as after the procedure.

Whitening Toothpastes and Whitening Gums Work

Cosmetic dentists from Manchester’s Smylife say that in order for any teeth whitening substance to take effect, chemicals need at least 20 minutes of contact with the enamel. Whitening toothpaste and gums simply do not offer this duration of use, and typically even lack the sufficient amount of whitening agents to achieve any sort of effect.

Baking Soda Whitens Teeth

It simply does not work. In fact, baking soda may upset the balance of good and bad bacteria inside a person’s mouth. The same goes for hydrogen peroxide, which actually speeds up the ageing process of teeth.

Consulting a dentist is still the best approach when it comes to whitening teeth and dental care in general. Asking one about effective home remedies can give people their fix of some DIY dental care, without the fear of taking blind risks.