Dealing with a Cracked Tooth and Emerging Victorious the Following Day

Dealing with a Cracked ToothSuffering from a cracked tooth is one of the things you would not want to happen before a scheduled interview. Nevertheless, there are doable and quick solutions that you will be glad to learn about.

What can be worse than eating popcorn and getting a chipped or cracked tooth the day before a job interview? Although it may not impact the aptitude and attitude you possess for the job, but certainly it can affect the way you handle yourself during the interview. Bear in mind that smiling is important during the entire process. Doing just that might be very difficult to do so if one or both your front teeth are showing a large chip or crack. So what can you do?

What went before?

Although it may be hindsight since it already occurred, it is still beneficial to know what not to eat before an event so as to avoid these things from happening. Generally, you should stop yourself from indulging in any food that can cause your teeth to suffer a chip or crack. These include popcorn, olive pits, biscotti and candy. You might also want to avoid biting into something hard, such as ice cubes, to avoid the same thing from occurring.

Now What?

Well, since you have a job interview, try to schedule an emergency appointment with a dentist. Luckily for you, chips and cracks can be quickly fixed by dental bonding, so you might want to undergo that process first before you go to your job interview.

What is dental bonding?

According to Colgate Oral Care Center, it is a process by which composite resin which closely matches the colour of your teeth is applied to the affected area. This cosmetic procedure does not take long to perform and the best thing about it is, it can last for a couple of years. Obviously, its life would still depend on how well you take care of your teeth.

Other Alternatives

Fresh Dental suggests you can always go for a more permanent dental procedure such as dental crowns or caps. However, the procedure may take two dental appointments, each lasting anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour, for it to be completed. Since your job interview is less than 24 hours away, your best option is still to have the affected tooth bonded.

Suffering from a chipped or cracked tooth before a job interview can erode your self-confidence. In fact, it can be your worst nightmare. Nevertheless, such issues are not without solutions. All it takes is one visit to the dentist and you can again present yourself to the interviewer wearing a huge smile on your face.