Countering the Cons of Comptia Courses and Certifications

student taking CompTIA courseCertification courses have brought many IT students and applicants to new heights in their studies and careers. Of course, you will still hear naysayers commenting against it, but is everything they say justified?

Here are some of their most common points of contention, which you can all counter quite easily.

1. “It takes too much time, money and effort!”

This is probably is an IT expert’s greatest fear: that they would fail an exam that they’ve studied and paid extensively for. However, some companies offer CompTIA a+ practice tests and other trial exams.

Though one might think this means involving more time and effort into the tests, the results of passing these certifications will outweigh all of your investments in the long run.

2. “Everyone has one!”

With so many IT professionals wanting to get employed or promoted into their dream position, it’s no surprise that there would be a huge number of them who would want to acquire their own CompTIA certification.

However, these courses and exams are still very important to employers and companies, despite how many have passed them. It’s the quality of the courses and certification that matters, not the number of people who have them.

3. “It’s only for newbies!”

It is true that students and new hires mostly benefit from the CompTIA certification. However, with the addition of other advanced levels of CompTIA certification exams, those who are aiming for a higher career path can easily extend their studies above the entry-level courses.

Remember, you need continuous learning for management positions. By taking more CompTIA courses, you are hitting two birds with one stone.

Most importantly, CompTIA is a trusted and reputable name in the IT industry. With its background and history, you can be sure of some benefits other than enhancing your resume.

So don’t think twice about investing in a CompTIA certificate under your name for the advantages are truly long-term and worth everything you’ve put in to pass it.