Cosmetics Today: Make Beautification Your Career

Woman applying cosmetics on her faceWith a wide range of opportunities today, any dreamer can make it big and achieve what they want in a career, even if the career involves makeup and other kinds of beauty and grooming products. The cosmetic industry has ballooned into a multi-million-dollar industry that you can be a part of. Hair stylists, makeup artists, nail manicurists, skin care specialists, and other such professionals have a bright future ahead of them.

Growing Job Opportunities

In 2010, the Bureau of Statistics estimated that cosmetic jobs would grow steadily at 16% from 2010 to 2020. Recent statistics, however, indicate that job growth for beauticians will continue to be faster than the national job growth rate average until 2024. You can then expect to enter the cosmetic industry easily in the years to come.

Chance at a Great Salary

When looking at the mean annual and hourly wage of beauticians, they received an annual salary of $27,950 back in 2015. Hourly, they received $13.44. Such statistics may seem discouraging, but remember that you can possibly earn more than the average wage. Makeup artists, for example, actually earn an average of $53,230 annually.

Learn from the Best

When you want to make it in the cosmetic industry, you will have to rely on more than just what you have learned from makeup tutorials on YouTube. High-end salons that offer top dollar to their beauticians only accept applicants with high-caliber skills. To have a chance to work in such salons, you can attend a Utah cosmetology school for example.

To Work for the Best

With the skills you acquire from a cosmetology school, you can compete with other beauticians successfully for a place in upper-scale salons. Alternately, you can even open up a salon yourself, or you can work as a personal beautician. Work hard enough and you may even work in Hollywood!

A career in cosmetics can be grueling, stressful, and competitive. But, as long as you push yourself and you know you want it enough, you will be able to achieve your career dreams.