Correct Your Posture, Eliminate TMJ Disorder

Jaw PainTemporomandibular joint pain can keep you up at night. Having constant pain on your face can feel like torture. It can even prevent you from enjoying your meals or be a nuisance when you talk. This type of pain may worsen over time so you need to do something about it while it is in its early stages. While taking medication can temporarily stop the pain, it does not fix the problem.

What you need is not just something that can relieve you of TMJ disorder symptoms. You need to assist yourself into healing through exercise.

Here are some things you can do:

Fixing your posture

Sometimes, your TMJ pain may root from your overall posture. notes that one way to see if your symptoms are due to your posture is to conduct a wall test. Stand with your back against the wall while your heels and hips are touching the surface. If you find your head not naturally touching the wall as well, you might be having a posture problem. Your jaw might be free from pain once you correct this problem first.


One posture problem you have to look into is the curvature of your spine. Anything that affects your spine also has an effect on your other body parts. Just like the wall test, correcting the curvature is possible through this wall exercise. Stand with your back facing the wall and your legs pulled apart. This time, put a rolled towel behind your lower back and neck.

Hold this position for three minutes or more and you can condition your body to follow this correct posture. Do this exercise everyday and you are on your way to removing other sources of pain in your body.

Taking care of your overall well being is a great step to minimizing pain. Find more exercises that can help you correct your posture.