Common Concerns Around Dental Treatment and How your Dentist Can Help

Dental TreatmentsWe all need to find a way to fit our dental appointments into our busy lives. If it stays on the ‘to do’ list for too long then your teeth are probably not getting the attention they need. Issues with your teeth that are undetectable, small and easily treated become bigger over time and, before you know it, you need to go to the dentist and have extensive work done.

If you have any nagging concerns about visiting your dentist then it makes it even less likely that you will get around to it. Let’s look at some of the common concerns and see how dentist surgeries like PS Dental Care in Soho are likely to be addressing them.


Many dental treatments are available with assistance from the NHS but there are some that aren’t especially treatments where the main benefit is cosmetic. If you think you want to have a type of treatment that you will need to pay for then talk to your dentist about the total cost involved. They should be able to give you a complete breakdown and most dentists will be able to offer you a range of treatments at different prices to suit your budget. Many practices also now offer finance plans to help spread the cost of treatment.

Side-Effects of Treatment

A good dentist will be able to walk you through all the risks or challenges inherent in a procedure as well as the benefits. For some things, they will also be able to assess your health to check if you are likely to be more susceptible to side effects. Some procedures such as teeth straightening come with inevitable discomfort but for most people it is minor, temporary and can be relived with over-the-counter painkillers.

Nervousness or Phobia

There are some people who have a strong phobia of going to the dentist whilst others are just a bit apprehensive. Your dentist should be able to meet you where you are and help you relax in the dental surgery. This could be anything from talking you through procedures and treating you with special care to offering a range of sedation options for any work you need so that you can be either completely relaxed or, in some cases, under general anaesthetic.