Choosing Toys for Speech Development: What To Know and Do

Every child is a special gift for parents. As such, it is just normal for parents to worry when their child remains quiet. Some children will need help from a speech therapist while others meet this milestone a bit later during the toddler years.

If the child is not diagnosed with deafness, you can try some toys for speech development to encourage them to speak. Here’s what to look for:

Wooden blocks, stackable toys, and puzzles

What’s good with traditional toys is that they make room for the child’s imagination. Wooden blocks can be anything that your child desires and build during playtime. In addition, the different textures of the toys will help develop their creativity, vocabulary, and senses.

Toys that are not battery operated

Humans learn through the senses. Your child may like TV and will learn various sounds from it. But during play time, your child can use what they learned from the TV, such as imitating the sound of a train or an airplane. This is an opportunity for them to try to imitate the sounds and learn to speak. It will also help to expand their vocabulary by identifying the toys.

Play with your Child

Parents are the children’s first teachers. Take the time to play with your child, showing each toy and stating their names. Let your little one hear what a toy train, a toy airplane, or toy animals sound like.

Children are unique and each has different needs to meet their greatest potential. You probably have read somewhere that Albert Einstein did not talk until he was four years old. But you don’t have to wait for your child to turn four. You can help him now using a variety of safe and high-quality toys for speech development.