Choosing the Right Business Model Between Wholesale and Retail

Wholesale Food Supplier in Sydney In Sydney, businesses that involve wholesale food suppliers are always bound to make big cash outs. However, you have to ask yourself, is wholesale really the best kind of business model for you? Is it really best to deal with products in bulk? On the other hand, would it be better to take a more direct approach like retail?

What is the difference?

Before making any decision between the two, you need to have a broad understanding of what each business model entails. To keep it simple, selling wholesale is basically you selling your product in large amounts to what is typically known as a ‘middle man’. That ‘middle man’ then sells it to the consumer. For retail, it is a little different. You as the product producer sell your product to your consumers directly.


Wholesale is best for people who are able to have their products mass-produced and into the market resourcefully. In addition, the environment involves mingling with business people like you and less involvement with the public. Wholesale, as a business model, will definitely be the best for you if you function more efficiently in a more professional environment. Being a wholesale food supplier in Sydney can be profitable if you also have a reliable supplier.


Retailing is the more direct approach when it comes to selling your product. In retail, you have to be more personal when making connections. You have to be very engaging and good at direct selling for this to work. Therefore, if you feel that you function better as a salesperson or marketer, then retail is where your business will flourish.

The business model you choose really depends on how you handle things. If you are more on the professional side and prefer to engage with more business partners than the public, then wholesale is really more your speed. However, if you are very engaging towards the public and prefer to sell directly to your consumers, then retail is definitely up your alley.