The Fitness Principle

Life Hacks for a Brighter and Longer Lasting Dye Job

Coloured Hair

First things first—know that hair colour’s nightmare is actually water. Recent studies show that up to 80% of hair dye fading is caused by excessive water, not scrubbing or shampooing. Expert hairdressers from agree because hair dye can strip away your hair’s outer layer of lipids. Similar to your skin’s natural oils,…

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Answers to Questions about Braces

For people who cannot decide whether to get braces or not, here are some things to know before getting them. Are you too old for braces? No matter what your age, you are very much qualified for braces. Are braces too expensive? says the cost of braces depends on the…

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Independent Living: The Myths and Why They’re Wrong

Moving to live in any place is always difficult at first. Anyone, however, will learn to adjust over time. Moving to a senior housing facility is not any different. In reality, it is actually more beneficial to everyone involved. Most people think that independent living is never a good idea….

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You Thought It Wrong: Hearing Loss Myths

Hearing Aid

Hearing is important; of course, you know that. It enables you to learn and understand different things. It allows you to communicate and socialise more easily. Generally speaking, hearing helps you a lot in living a normal life. But what if one day, you find yourself suffering from hearing loss?…

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Life Lessons from Karate


Karate is not all physical strength and training. While it surely benefits the body’s muscles, joints, and physical well-being, it also teaches some important life lessons. Apart from the good technique and form it inspires, it also instills much needed inspiration and courage to go through life. Taking Hits and…

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All You Need is Some Adventure Time


Adventures never end if you are into weekend getaways. No season will make you stop conquering new heights and face the tough challenges of nature.The December blues may have kicked off, but no sun or rain can make a true delegate of nature put a stop on experiencing the best…

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