The Fitness Principle

Hair Removal: Know your Options

Hair grows all year round. To enjoy the summer the whole month long, people opt to enlist hair removal services in Davis County. suggests you get to know about different hair removal types and find one that would suit you best.  Types of hair removal  There are three most common…

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The Body’s Pro Protein Regimen: Do It Right

A balanced diet minus the protein is not a functional equation. Protein outweighs carbohydrates and fats in terms of importance. You need it for stronger muscles, better brain chemistry, and tissue repair. Because it’s so important, some people call it the ‘currency of life’. When you’ve got enough protein in…

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Why Early Intervention for Eating Disorders is Critical

Research indicates that identifying eating disorders and having them treated early enough contributes to a reduction of symptoms, leads to a speedy recovery and generally improves one’s likelihood of staying illness free. For example, people with binge eating disorders when given family-based treatment within the first years of the illness…

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