Give Your Mom Something to do in Retirement

senior independent living

One of the most intimidating moments in the retirement life is that first morning when a senior wakes up with nothing to do. People who live active lives can usually get all their chores done before noon without having to hurry off to their jobs. This gives them the rest…

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How to Prevent Turning Retail Therapy into an Addiction

In 2004, data from the Australian Consumers’ Association showed nearly half of Australian households have high debt rates. Some of these cases involve impulsive buying and shopping addiction. Several claims suggest that 1 out of 12 shoppers suffers a case of oniomania or compulsive shopping. Experts say it is usually…

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The Other ‘Great Wall of China’

China is globally known because the expansive Great Wall, but not much is heard about the Ming City Wall, which spans up to 25 kilometers. That’s set to change, though, as the local government is planning to make the entire stonewall accessible to tourists this August—only 3 kilometers are open…

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Why You Should Change Pillows Every 6 Months

Everyone owns a favorite pillow, but it has to be replaced every six months no matter how comfortable it may be. Experts say that changing pillows around this timeline, and especially within two years, is necessary to avoid certain health conditions. Beyond Wearing and Ample Support The case of buying…

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Why Ebola is Not as Scary as You Think

Ebola is definitely terrifying. For a virus that kills 9 out of 10 people who get it without any cure available as of yet, you have a reason to panic with its recent outbreak. But experts say that this notorious infective agent shouldn’t be that terrorizing. Here’s why: Not Highly…

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