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The Business Aspect of the Medical Field


Medical practitioners such as doctors are not just skilled professionals, but are business people as well. Because of this, they must maintain a balance in their priorities to sustain both their careers and businesses. Looking for the right balance can be hard, especially given the nature of the profession. Society…

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Legal Specifications of Pool Barriers

child swimming

Here are some chilling statistics: sixteen toddlers have died in Western Australia because of accidental drowning in pools over the last five years. For each of those deaths, there are ten cases of children admitted in hospitals after a near-drowning incident. That’s a hundred and sixty cases of near-drowning in…

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What To Do When You Get Stuck In A Lift

stuck lift

Being stuck in a lift is a scary scenario. Just the fact that the clock is ticking away without having any idea when you will be able to get out is enough to drive you mad. You could be late for an important engagement. Worse, claustrophobia could set in. While…

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