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Understanding Periodontal Disease: What You Need to Know About this Oral Problem

Chronic gum inflammation or periodontal disease is among the plagues that harm the oral health. Nowadays, dentists mostly deal with periodontal consultations since 70% of the adult population suffer from the many warning signs and effects of a gum problem. This disease involves the tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth. If…

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Hair-rifying Acts: Daily Habits That Contribute to Hair Loss

Losing hair can be horrifying, especially if you’re at an age where hair loss is not supposed to be an issue yet. If you’ve been shedding hair more than usual, it’s about time you check up on your lifestyle and make significant changes. Studies show that the following daily habits…

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Botox: What Made It Popular to Celebrities?

You might be wondering why most celebrities these days use Botox. Whenever you see them in red carpet events, you wonder how they can look so young even after years of seeing them on television. It is no secret that these stars go through some types of cosmetic surgery. Some…

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Boring Summer? Make it More Interesting with These Activities!

Gun Shooting

Summer is just about over in the United States, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to end. Everyone has a hobby, something they enjoy doing. But if you want something new to break the monotony, here are a few activities to try. Mountaineering Explore the great outdoors. If you…

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4 Male Celebrities Linked to Nose Jobs Rumours

Nose Job Dr.

Nose jobs are among the many cosmetic procedures available, but they’re arguably the most popular. Actually, even celebrities can’t resist getting work done on their noses, though some tend to be secretive about it. Patrick Dempsey The Grey’s Anatomy star is popular for his fabulous hair. However, several before-and-after photos…

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What Was Snowboarding Like Before?


As with any burgeoning industry, snowboarding had a past worthy of remembering. Compared with today’s scene, the sport seemed dull and everything was very experimental. Maybe it’s down to the myriad of entities trying to make it to the snowboarding scene that the past seemed monotonous. After all, costumes while…

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Don’t Let the Thrill Kill: Zip Line Safety Tips


Zip line provides the rush thrill-seekers crave. It is the answer to the prayers of a common adventurer who seeks the excitement of rushing through the air without parachutes or jumping off planes. Similar to other recreational activities, zip lining also comes with risks. Without proper preparation and safety precautions,…

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