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Effective Ways to Ace Your Family Medicine Shelf Exam

medical care

The National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) Subject Exams, also known as shelf exams, are an important phase for medical students in their clinical years. If you’re taking family medicine, the degree of difficulty of your exams differs from that of exams intended for internal medicine, psychiatry, and other subjects….

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Maqui Delphinol: The New Acai?

maqui berry

You’ve probably heard the wonders that berries can do for your health, but have you heard about the maqui berry? Maqui berries are indigenous to Chile and have been used by the natives for centuries for their medicinal properties. Now you can experience the full health benefits of maqui berries…

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Are High Heels a Blessing or Burden for Women?

high heels

High heels have a way of increasing women’s attractiveness and esteem, but some studies suggest that high heels cause various health problems. From a blessing, high heels are becoming a burden to women. Change the way you walk Constant use of high heels may prevent people from walking properly. Since…

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