Caring for Your Hardwood Floors for Lasting Beauty

Hardwood FloorHardwood floors are beautiful and classy. Depending on where your home is located, installing such floors can raise the value of your property.

Wood needs some special care, though, if you want it to last a long time and still look as great as the first day you had it installed. To care for your floors, here are some pieces of advice.

Mind the shoes

Sneakers are not likely to harm your floors, but high heels can leave dents and marks on them. The body’s natural oils may also be harmful to wood, so wear socks or carpet slippers. It is also a good idea to use some rugs and carpets in some areas, as long as you clean the areas frequently.

Use doormats

Doormats can protect your home from plenty of germs and dirt from shoes and slippers. They also keep out the sand that may scratch your floors. Put mats on any point of entry into the home.

Put felt pads under furniture legs

Furniture can dent and scratch your floor too, so use felt pads under them. You may also use area rugs wherever furniture is located. Don’t drag or push furniture aside when you’re cleaning. Ask someone to help you lift them.

Keep it away from direct sunlight

Wood fades when it’s exposed to direct sunlight. The problem is you want a naturally illuminated indoor area. Use blinds and curtains on windows and glass doors. If it’s too dark for your taste, have a professional install glass tint that prevents UV rays from passing through.

Have your floors refinished

Wood floor refinishing in Orange County, CA should be done by a professional. Refinishing can bring back the luster and life of your hardwood floors and remove most scratches and signs of normal wear.

Remove liquids

Liquids can leave an ugly mark on the wood. Mop up spills immediately. When you clean your floors, use the manufacturer recommended cleaning solution and avoid soaking them in water.

Observing these proper techniques can lengthen the life and beauty of your wood floors. You’ll get to enjoy beautiful wood floors for years.