Can Money Buy Your Happiness? Know What’s Worth the Splurge

PeopleCasino who work so hard need to step back and relax. To enjoy the fruits of your labor, the options should know no bounds.

They say money cannot buy happiness. But, a recent study reveals that spending money on experiences instead of material things can put a big smile on your face. Researchers explain that the memories of people, activities and places can never get old, even if they are costly.

Whether your idea of worth-it splurges are P5, 000, P10, 000 or P15, 000, this article lists down the best things you need to try once in a while.

Go to a Casino

Do yourself a favor and spend some money at a casino at least once in your life. With the lights, drinks, sounds, and games, a casino is just like an after-hours theme park. It provides a sense of excitement and adventure that you cannot have anywhere else. Giving yourself small splurges is a great way to beat stress and escape from your chaotic lifestyle. Do what you like with no regret.

Enjoy a Luxurious Staycation

Traffic, a demanding boss or a busy work schedule — these things can prevent you from travelling to far places in a long period. If you can’t go to Boracay or Palawan yet badly need a break, then it’s time to try a staycation. It’s a great option if want to go on a vacation, but don’t have time and energy to travel far. During your staycation, the ultimate resort hotel and casino Solaire suggests you eat out in a fine dining restaurant or stay at a classy hotel. Choose one that offers deluxe amenities and reliable service. The experience you will get will be worth the price.

Watch Theatrical Plays or Musicals

Indulging in something artistic is worth your time, money, and effort. Buying a pricey ticket for a night can instantly make you happy and feel rejuvenated. Experts claim that listening to music can improve your emotional health, as it induces feel-good chemicals, like dopamine. Also, find pleasure in watching theater plays, such as Scrooge or Chicago.

Though money may buy your happiness for a day or two, you still need to spend it wisely.