Behind Closed Doors: What Really Goes on in a Sex Therapy Session

Few feetWhile getting help for sexual problems today is considered socially acceptable, plenty of people still find it difficult to share their most intimate and embarrassing experiences even with a professional sex therapist, says To shed light on the mystery surrounding a typical sex therapy session, read on:

  • No Nudity Required

Don’t worry. Standard sex therapy sessions don’t require you to shed off your clothes and face your sex therapist in only your birthday suit.

  • You’ll Gain Confidence — In and Out — of Your Bedroom

You may be surprised that sex therapy will help you become a confident, strong, and assertive person, and this extends to all aspects of your life. The main reasoning behind this is once you can be that person in the bedroom, you can easily be that person anywhere.

  • You Can Say Absolutely Anything. Seriously.

Whether it’s a sexual hang-up, repressed memory, an out-of-this-world fetish, or a history of abuse, nothing is too taboo. As a matter of fact, telling your therapist every little thing related to your sexual problem is a crucial step towards conquering your issues. Pay no mind to what your sex therapist will think of you—they’ve heard it all and more.

  • No Sexual Problem is Too Big or Too Small

Sex therapy deals with a wide range of sexual problems including erectile dysfunction, lack of sexual desire, orgasm difficulties, libido difficulties due to medical drugs, treatment, or illnesses, and fear of sex due to past sexual abuse. It can also help couples in sexless relationships and even virgins who desire that their first sexual experience be absolutely perfect, among many others.

  • Sex Therapy Can Save Your Relationship

Sexual problems are deal-breakers in many relationships, most especially with married couples. While majority of people believe that sex therapy is a last resort to resolve a sexual problem in couples, married or not, better think again. If only more people actually go to a sex therapist prior to their sexual problem reaching its peak, they wouldn’t have to seek separation or divorce in the first place. Remember, while sex is a perfectly natural thing, it doesn’t really come naturally for everyone.

Lastly, expect to receive homework — a variety of intimacy, communication, and writing exercises, and let’s not forget, sex.