Be More Efficient in Your Medical Practice with These 8 Suggestions

Medical Practice Efficiency is more often the exception than the norm in most offices today, especially in areas frequented by visitors and offices that don’t maximize the use of technology. With these professional suggestions, you can definitely make efficiency your game in your medical practice.

Get help from EHR and EMR

Electronic health and medical records will make workflow faster and easier. If you get the Dragon Medical Training edition, for instance, you can update patient records and clinical narratives in real time. The training also helps healthcare professionals create, keep, and monitor documents sans the overload of paperwork.

Help only when needed

Sure, you would want to make things easy for your staff, but helping them too much robs them of the time they need to spend on their work. Learn to delegate tasks instead, like data collection.

Schedule when you can see patients

Avoid deciding right then and there if you can see the patient. Train your receptionist to make a schedule of what kinds of patients or cases you can add when your schedule is nearly full.

Maintain an open and written communication with your staff

Use notes for reminders, route slips for orders, and EHR systems to coordinate tasks and send emails to your staff. Written reminders are always better than spoken ones. However, make sure you only write once and not make reminders repetitive.

Use machines and computers

Face it. Technology will one day rule every industry, and you can’t do anything about it but adapt to the change. Reduce wasted effort and energy by making machines do the work. Let photocopiers produce handouts and medical forms. Let computers keep copies of your important documents and patient information.

Don’t wait for the staff or the patients to finish

Simply put, follow the schedule regardless if the patient or staff is done with a task.

Do what only needs to be accomplished for the day

Disregard tasks that you can put off and follow the schedule. When you focus on the tasks you have on hand, you can finish early and move on to your other tasks.

Use a flow chart

This improves patient flow into the clinic. You can use this chart to inform patients about the process (i.e. scheduling appointments, filling out medical forms, seeing you).

Follow these suggestions to ensure better efficiency in your medical practice. See better results and improve