Are You Ready? 3 Essential Guide on Planning Kids’ Parties

Kid's PartyParties sure are a lot of fun for children, but it’s a whole lot of work for many parents out there too. Let’s face it. Even though you are all aware that your kids’ birthdays happen every year, you still panic. You spend significant time and energy in preparing to the point that you rush things until the last minute. While your kid is waiting for the best day to happen, put your best efforts to make it their best day ever.

Planning ahead is an ideal thing to do, but sometimes it is inevitable that plans change. With so many obstacles, how can you ever plan the right party? Here are some things to focus on to get the party planning started:

1) Work within a given budget

Decide ahead on how much you plan to spend for your child’s birthday celebration. Deciding on the budget will dictate all the choices you’ll be making, from the venue to the party loot bags. This process of shopping can get out of hand if you’ve not decided on the amount to spend. Set aside around 10% of your budget as a contingency fund, in case you have some last minute or unexpected expenses.

2) Pick a flexible location

Choosing a party location can be tricky. Some parents are against having parties in their own homes due to the amount of effort in setting up and cleaning up after. Other parents prefer parties at home, as it saves money and is safer for children. Both are practical choices, but they boil down to two things: budget and time. If you have a lot of time but no money, then maybe preparing a party at home may be beneficial. If you have little time but money to spend, Regatta Hotel recommends renting a function room or party venue instead.

3) Set your party rules and etiquette

Set the house rules beforehand. Let them know of the proper attire or costume so as not to stir and attract awkward situations. Be clear on what kids could or should wear at least two weeks before the party. This will give them enough time to prepare, especially if you are doing a costume party. It is also important to let the attendees know what type of gifts to bring and the suggested price range. We don’t want guests bringing in gifts that are not appropriate for the occasion.

Start with a good budget, pick an appropriate venue, and set your expectations. From here, you can add or adjust your plan to suit what your child wants.