Are Items on Sale Always Worth Buying?

shopping itemYou know the story; every time you go out to shop somewhere, the sales people work their magic and you end up buying things you never planned on. The irresistible power of steep discounts can overcome even the thriftiest of shoppers, but is it really a major problem?

As with most things, this depends on the specific situation. Sale items can be wonderful deals that give you fantastic value for money. Other times, however, you might as well just be throwing money down the drain. How do you know which it is?

Thankfully, it’s fairly easy. There are four questions you should honestly ask yourself before swiping your credit card. Keep them in mind the next time you visit the local shopping mall or retail stores along Gold Coast like; remember, the prepared shopper is the wisest one.

1. Do you actually need it? – This is the first and most crucial question to ask yourself, as most shoppers invariably end up purchasing things they don’t need, only to get rid of it a short time later. Determine whether you would even give it a second glance if it wasn’t on sale. If it’s good enough that you would buy it at full price, then go ahead. Otherwise, pass.

2. Will it break the bank?–No matter how much of a steal it is, any purchase that will cause you to go into the red is a very bad idea. Who cares if you save 50% on a new flat screen when it will leave you short on grocery money for the next three months? While it might pain you to give up a genuinely good deal, just remember that there will be more opportunities in the future.

3. Can you try it out first? – This applies mostly to clothes and electronic appliances, or anything else that might end up disappointing you. Make sure that the clothes fit and that you like the way they look by actually trying them on first. Similarly, give expensive electronics a test run, or at least make sure that the store has a generous return policy – buyer’s remorse is a pain.

4. Is it cheaper somewhere else? – This is especially important for commodities and gadgets. If the sale won’t be over for a couple of days, take the time to look elsewhere first. You not only get to compare prices, you’ll also have the chance to sleep on the decision – something that is exceedingly helpful when it comes to large purchases or other important choice.

Getting a great sale item is a wonderful feeling, but make sure that you run it through this test first. Mastering mindful shopping will save you thousands of dollars and many regrets over the years.