Are High Heels a Blessing or Burden for Women?

high heelsHigh heels have a way of increasing women’s attractiveness and esteem, but some studies suggest that high heels cause various health problems. From a blessing, high heels are becoming a burden to women.

Change the way you walk

Constant use of high heels may prevent people from walking properly. Since they cause damage in the joints of the feet, the other parts like toes bear the pressure. This may lead to problems in the ankles and foot, such as metatarsalgia and Morton’s neuroma, a thickening of tissue around a nerve between the third and fourth toes.

Poor blood circulation

Women who are standing on heels for long periods may suffer poor blood circulation. The pressure on the feet and legs that these killer heels affect blood vessels and cause blood clots to appear. This leads to deep vein thrombosis, which may require treatment for venous disease. People who are often on their feet with high heels often should find time to sit and rest to let the blood circulate in the lower extremities.

Prone to falls

Women who wear high heels often are at risk of slips and falls. High heels impair balance and strength of the feet. People will not only find it hard to walk in heels, they will also be prone to accidents and injuries in the process.

Damage in your joints

Wearing high heels often puts a strain on joints in your knees, hips and spine. The constant use increases pressure in those areas, which may lead to osteoarthritis. Women experience constant pains in their heels, ankles and knees as a result. They may prevent foot problems by substituting their killer heels for ones with low or no heels occasionally.


High heels may also be the source of chronic headaches. Apart from stress in the feet, knees and legs, these killer heels change the posture and stiffen the muscles behind the neck, thus putting pressure on the nerves on the brain.

While high heels can be appealing, they certainly are a burden to use. The attraction and confidence that come from wearing them do not compare to the health risks that people may suffer throughout their lives. Women should increase their charm and confidence from other sources than endure the heels and their consequences.