Ancient Hygiene Practices that May Gross You Out

ancient timesWhen you look back in history, you’ll see that life is fairly simple—no unnecessary technologies to interfere with your daily life, and the communication between people was more personal. You may say everything had been good, but if there’s one thing that may make you grateful about not living in the olden eras, it is the fact that you wouldn’t have to carry out poor hygiene practices.

Poor hygiene practices were among the reasons plagues and all sorts of infections were rampant during the ancient times. Below are some of them.

No Toilet Paper? No Problem

When relieving themselves, peasants would do it just anywhere and bury the waste. This is because toilets and sewage systems were not that developed back then. That’s understandable, but what may gross you out is the fact that they used leaves or mosses to “wipe themselves” since toilet paper wasn’t invented yet.

Dentist? What Dentist?

The field of medicine back then was very far from what we have right now. This is particularly true when it comes to dentistry. People were afraid because the procedure was pretty straightforward—the tooth will be just pulled out. It may sound like the usual procedure, but imagine undergoing tooth extraction when anesthesiology wasn’t a legitimate science yet. Highlands Ranch Group says modern dentistry regards hygiene so much that there are courses and training about it—a far cry from the practice before, when clinics and methods were not standardized.

How do You Like Your Wig?

Formal periwigs during the early centuries may seem glorious and appealing. But, don’t be deceived by what your naked eyes can see. These wigs weren’t washed frequently. As a result, they became home to lice and other insects.

Another gross hygiene practice was communal bathing. Can you imagine cleaning yourself with water already used by others? Thankfully, things have changed. Modern hygiene practices have developed, which prevented the spread of diseases.