All About Parenthood: Activities That Boost Child Growth and Development

Father and SonNurture your child’s mental, physical and emotional ability at an early age, so they’ll do better as they grow. It is said that the first three years is one of the most crucial stages of a child’s life, as it’s when the brain grows at an explosive pace and makes their growth and development faster than usual. 

If you want to harness their learning phase continuously, do some of these fun and exciting activities.

Let Them Play Outside

Letting your little ones play outside harnesses their sense of social skills to build and create a relationship with other kids. Allowing them to interact with other people develops their sense of caring and communication. This is also one of the ideal ways to improve their speech and language skills. Children activities that involve the outdoors can simply be a visit to the nearby playground or amusement park.

Textures and Shapes

Studies show that majority of toddlers are sensory learners. This means that kids learn and discover things around them through their sense of touch, smell, and taste. It’s best to use and put colorful things around them to give them the opportunity to single out shapes and textures from the others.

Try Talking to Them

Train your baby’s communication skills by reacting to their every coo and chuckles. Say one to two words slowly in front of them. Doing this will help them enrich their speech and language skills. During this activity, your input is extremely needed, so be sure you do your part correctly.

Read Them a Book

Books with large and colorful illustrations are the best way to stir your kid’s interest in reading. Make the whole activity more appealing to them by modulating your voice or imitating animal sounds, if necessary. In every reading session, be sure to encourage your kids to talk and react to the story you’ve just read. This will help them improve their reading and comprehension skills.

An ideal way to make sure that your kids will grow properly is to guide them in every step of their growing life. Enrolling them in different institutions offering caring and interactive children activities can also help in achieving this goal. Be sure that you are choosing the right environment for them.