A Wardrobe Guide for Gentlemen

True GentlemenGentleman are a rare breed in the 21st nCentury, especially the ones who dress the part. Gentlemen should not just have great character, but also a great wardrobe. Of course, no one should judge you for what you wear. Nonetheless, this does not mean you will not be mindful of how you dress.

Never a Gentleman without These

There are many things that a gentleman will need in his wardrobe. You will need clothes for both casual and formal wear, as well as classy accessories. Here are some that you can choose to include in your own wardrobe:

  • Jeans – Whenever you’re just taking a stroll or chilling on a weekend, you can never go wrong with a classic pair of blue jeans.
  • T-Shirts – A shirt can ruin your look in many ways. The few ways T-shirts work are when you wear either plain gray or white tees. Pairing either shirt with your blue jeans will surely complete your model look.
  • Colored tops – Whether you use them for casual, semi-formal, formal, or work attire, plain colored tops can add to how cool you look. You should have a white top and another one in any other light color.
  • Suits & Blazers – For more formal, semi-formal occasions, or even for work, a single-breasted gray suit or a blazer can do wonders.
  • Tuxedo – A gentleman is never without his tuxedo. A classic black tuxedo is the best piece of clothing you will ever get to wear. Choose one that best fits you.
  • Cufflinks – When you’re wearing your suit, blazer, or tuxedo, a pair of cufflinks is enough to make you look like James Bond.
  • Wooden Valets – To be a gentleman is to stay organized. A wooden valet stand is a great way to hang clothes to be used for the next day. A stand may also have compartments to place your accessories and shoes.

A gentleman has many more things in his wardrobe, such as an umbrella, ties, sunglasses, and a shiny pair of shoes — just think of Barney Stinson of How I Met Your Mother.