90s Flashback: Living a Life as a Child with Braces

Teeth With BracesCan you remember how back in the 90s, having braces was such a cool thing to have? It was as if it were a fad to be wearing them, despite it looking clunky and gleaming in the sunlight as you walked awkwardly through the school’s hallways.

Though some people may deny it today, braces were indeed a thing back then—it was cute in a metallic kind of way, do you not agree? Stop snickering if you find yourself walking down memory lane, imagining your childhood crush smiling at you, braces and all.

In Liverpool, braces are categorised under three types:

  • Fixed Braces – Glued to your teeth, these are the small squares with wires tied to the brackets to reposition your teeth into their proper places. These braces serve to straighten teeth in a hastened, efficient and comfortable manner. Can you remember how your pretty classmate came walking in, sporting a variety of colours in metal and ceramic which matched her dress?
  • Clear Aligners – These clear aligners use clear trays seeking to correct crooked, crowded or gapped teeth. They are not the orthodontics you grew up with in the 90s because these are barely visible and stay on for six months or even less.
  • Removable Appliances – These removable orthodontic devices correct minimal problems and can only carry out limited tooth movements. Made of plastic clipped over your teeth, you should only take these off for cleaning or for specific activities wherein they become a nuisance.

As a Child with Braces in the 90s

Before social media, selfies and the digital era, you would slip love letters into the locker of your athlete or cheerleader classmate, confessing how much you adored his or her sparkling smile. It did not matter one bit even if kissing with braces was uncomfortable because tangled braces meant you were going to be with each other forever, right?

Forget about those moments of humiliation when you or your crush had food wedged in between the wires—these are remnants of the past for you to laugh at and remember fondly.