4 Ski Selection Considerations to Get the Best Pair For You

ski equipmentTo look good on the slopes means choosing a pair of skis that go beyond stylish. To really up your performance, there are more important things to look for when selecting skis.

American Ski Exchange notes three of them below:

  1. Ski Level

When you select a ski that is the closest to your skill level you will drastically improve your control and stability on the mountain. The skill level directly corresponds to the flex, waist width and type of terrain that you will be skiing. A softer flexing ski is easier to learn on and more forgiving to technical errors that those beginner or not-as-proficient skiers will make. Advanced or expert skiers should have a stiffer or stronger ski due to the fact that they are putting more pressure or force on their gear by going bigger, faster or stronger.

  1. Flex

Three things best determine the flex of the ski: the user’s weight, how aggressive the skier is, and the environmental and terrain conditions. The heavier or more aggressive the skier is, the stiffer the ski the better.

Very soft skis best suit newcomers to the sport as well as kids. Beginners to starting intermediates should go for soft skis. Medium flex skis are great for those who like to ski at various speeds. Choose stiff skis for greater responsiveness levels at faster speeds. For really heavy or aggressive skiers, opt for very stiff flex skis.

  1. Rocker Profile

“Rocker” is the term for that reverse camber (slightly upward bending) shape lifting off the ground while skis lay flat on the ground. Because this part of the ski makes maneuvering and turning easier, while also absorbing bump- or crud-causing negative vibrations, you should not fail to consider this when selecting your gear.

  1. Tail Profile

Tail profile impacts how the gear exits a turn; it can dramatically impact overall gear reaction. Twin tip, flared, and flat profiles make up the three primary profile choices.

To ensure you get the most appropriate skis, ask the experts at Vail ski shops: they will help you determine which is best for you.