3 Ways to Make Your Next Family Reunions Memorable

Family and friends sitting at a dining table on a reunion partyFamily reunions provide a great chance for members to bond and learn their genealogies. Especially for children, family reunions help them learn their heritage so that the people in the event cease looking like strangers. With proper planning and a little creativity, it’s possible to have a family gathering that everyone will talk about for years.

Here are some creative things to implement in your next family reunion:

1. Family story hour

Instead of hoping that the family members will tell stories about the family, schedule some story telling time in the program. Tell members of the different families to prepare family stories in the form of dramatic presentations and share with the rest of the members. Share this idea in advance to provide ample time for preparation. Have adult storytellers, as well as children.

2. Awards and Certificates

This is another creative way to make the reunion special and memorable. Create certificates and awards to give to family members. Come up with as many categories as possible so that you can cover many family members. Some ideas of categories include:

  • The youngest grandparents
  • The oldest family member in attendance, as well as the youngest
  • The couple with the most grandchildren and great grandchildren
  • The family members who traveled the longest distance to attend the reunion
  • The oldest member of the family who has all his or her teeth

Allow your imagination to run wild! The goal is to treat as many family members as possible. For each reunion, come up with different categories, so each family member gets a reward at some point.

3. Food! Food! Food!

Nothing will make your reunion more memorable than good food. There should be sweet aromas from the kitchen to make everyone’s mouth water. Try out new recipes for each reunion. For instance, if you used beef base as the flavor of soup, try chicken soup base this time. While you can prepare the food yourself, most families leave the cooking to food service professionals so that they’re left with more time to bond. The choice is yours.

Another creative idea would be to make a recipe book by collecting favorite recipes from each family. Then, during the reunion, have one for each family.

The secret to ensuring that members of your family attend every reunion is in making each gathering special. Use these tips to ensure the success of your next family reunions.