3 Ways to Emotionally Prepare Your Child for Preschool

little girl playing with paintBabies grow up fast. One blink and the next thing you know, you need to prepare them for preschool. If your child will soon attend their first day at preschool, it’s important to help them prepare physically, emotionally, and mentally. Sunrise Preschools and other experts list some tips on how to do it.

1. Socialize more before the big day

Chances are your child may now have regular play dates, and that’s a good thing. Having play dates allow your kids to socialize with kids their age. Weeks (or even months) before preschool starts, plan more social activities. You can do so with your parent-friends, so your child will learn how to communicate better with adults who are not their parents.

2. Take note of some nonverbal messages

When preparing your child for preschool, do a walk-through of the school’s premises. Let your child meet the teachers and their classmates in advance. Take note of some nonverbal messages, such as clinginess, being withdrawn, and aggressiveness, and act on them immediately. Seeing your kid in preschool before school starts can give you more time to prepare your kid for what lies ahead.

3. Create and practice a goodbye ritual

It’s not the most fun to do, but doing it can help things get easier. You need to teach your kid how to say goodbye before they enter preschool. Otherwise, your child can end up crying the whole time they’re at school. It can be hard for both the child and the teachers, and even the other children if your kid starts crying the moment you leave.

One of the things you should also look out for is separation anxiety. Children at this age do not want to be away from mommy and daddy, so you should teach them how to prepare emotionally for school. Keep these tips in mind and prepare accordingly.