3 Tips to Care for Your Braces during Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic TreatmentCrooked teeth, crowded teeth, and overlapping teeth are some of the most common teeth misalignment problems. Some people are born with these conditions; therefore at a tender age, parents make their children wear braces. The duration of wearing the braces primarily depends on the type and extent of misalignment. This overview highlights some of the ways to care for your braces.


In Weybridge, just like anywhere else, once you get your braces, you are required to brush your teeth after every time you eat – even after snacking. The reason for this is that food particles can easily get trapped in the braces. The longer the duration that residual food remains stuck, the higher the risk of developing dental problems. Usually, the best toothbrush to use is one with soft, round bristles.

First off, you should rinse your mouth with water to loosen the particles stuck in the braces. It is imperative to brush each tooth at the gum line and both above and below the brackets.


Caring for Braces Weybridge also entails flossing, at least, once a day. You ought to floss between the braces and beneath the wires. To floss under the wires, you can utilise a floss threader or orthodontic flosser, which can be purchased from drug stores.

For an individual, who has space between the teeth, you should use an interproximal toothbrush. Another equipment ideal for flossing the hard-to-reach areas is an oral irrigator. It has a stream of pulsating water that gets rid of plaque and food debris.

Watch What You Eat

People wearing braces ought to be careful about their diets. Eating too many starchy, sugary foods is not advisable as they cause plaque to accumulate around the brackets. This can result in staining of teeth, cavities, and gum disease. Also, avoid sticky foods such as dried fruits, caramel, corn, and taffy. Hard foods like nuts and popcorn should also be kept at bay. These foods can damage the wires of the braces and cause loosening of brackets. Instead, you should incorporate more of the soft foods into your diet. These include cooked vegetables, soft fruits, boneless meats, and yogurt.

When wearing braces on your teeth, you need to take some steps to care for both the braces and teeth. Brush after every meal and floss on a daily basis. More importantly, avoid hard foods, which can cause breaking and bending of the braces’ wires.