3 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Day Care Center for Your Baby

Kids in a day care center learningThere are various day care options for your child depending on your particular circumstances. These include a formal childcare center, in-home care, and family day care. Whatever option you prefer, Smart Kids Development Center says that there are things to consider when searching for the right day care:

Observe Well

When visiting a prospective care provider, find out how the staff interact with the kids. The ideal picture is a caregiver holding a little child on their lap while playing with the other children. Babies and smaller children need close, interactive, and loving attention from adults. Thus, the caregiver must be responsive and warm. Even when looking after many children, each child must get enough one on one time. The American Academy of Pediatrics says that a ratio of 1:3 (adult to babies 2 years or fewer) is healthy.

Ask for Commitment

Infants and young children need consistent and predictable caring. This is how they develop a strong attachment to their care providers. This can be achieved over time. Thus, if you prefer an in-home care provider, ask the potential caregiver if it would be possible to commit to the job for at least a year. If you prefer a day care center, ask what the facility’s turnover rate is and how long a caregiver stays on the average.

Check the Policies

Determine if the care provider shares your views on parenting philosophies including discipline, TV time, feeding, and sleeping. Ask about their policy on sick children. Do they have an alternative plan in case the caregiver gets sick or is unable to work? Ask as many questions as possible. This will help you avoid unpleasant surprises later on.

Whatever type of day care you want to provide for your child, and no matter what your work schedule is, remember that you should still be your child’s primary caregiver. You must be your child’s primary source of consistent love and support. By choosing the right caregiver, you can be sure that your baby will grow up to be a healthy and happy child.