3 Signs Your Child is Ready For Preschool

Group of kids going to schoolSoon, your baby is ready to attend preschool. But how sure are you that he is ready? It’s not even about the age anymore. There are many telltale signs that your child may or may not be ready to attend a preschool.

Sunrise Preschools suggests that you watch out for the following signs if you’re currently looking for a preschool.

Physical Stamina and Regular Schedule

Most kids have so much energy during the day that it’s easy to tell they can keep up with a preschool’s half-day or even full-day programs. What’s more important is to see if your child can keep up with a “regular” schedule. By now, your child should more or less be able to follow a routine at home. If he or she doesn’t have trouble shifting from one activity to another without getting restless or cranky, then he or she could be able to keep up with the activities in preschool.

Independence and Alone Time

Has your child spent some time away from you? This is quite important, especially if you’re a hands-on parent. Young children can have a hard time being away from their parents or guardians, and attending preschool can be challenging. Moreover, most preschools require children to have some basic skills, such as using the toilet, washing hands, having lunch, and even spending some alone time. If your little one is still having trouble with these examples, you can still work on it before the school year starts.

Social Skills and Group Activities

Social skills, such as sharing toys and participating in group activities, are important in preschool. This is why play dates are so important for toddlers. If your child is still having trouble sharing toys and playing with other kids, then you should work on his or her social skills before enrolling him or her in preschool.

It’s true that a child’s first teacher is the parents or guardian. So it’s up to you to equip your little with the basic skills necessary for preschool. Keep these signs in mind to see if your child is ready or not for school.