3 Must Visit Attractions in Sentosa

Attractions in SentosaSingapore is one of the highly developed countries in the world which you can find in Southeast Asia. Its main attractions are situated in the island resort called Sentosa. Tourists coming from all over the globe would come and visit Singapore just to experience the breathtaking attractions in Sentosa. The development of the captivating attractions in this beautiful island resort began in the early to mid-90s and has gradually developed as the years came by. The island may be conveniently accessible to visitors through the Sentosa boardwalk or by riding the Sentosa Express monorail.

Have Fun in the Theme Park

The Universal Studios in Singapore is a must go when you reach Sentosa. It is a world-class theme park which can definitely be enjoyed by children as well as adults. Characters from blockbuster films such as the Jurassic Park and Transformers can be found in the park’s walkway. If you are lucky, you can take pictures with the real life Walt Disney characters as they go around the theme park during their scheduled appearance. Breathtaking rides that can truly lift up your spirits are also available in the theme park.

Enjoy the Blue Waters of the Beaches

The sunny island of Sentosa is also the home of awesome beaches. The three main beach resorts in Sentosa are the Palawan, Siloso, and Tanjong beaches. Fun-filled activities that you can possibly do on the beach are kayaking, diving, boat riding, and even skim-boarding. Beach patrol officers are also available within the resort to check the safety of the guests.

Go Nature Tripping

Nature lovers can walk the trails of mount Imbiah located in Sentosa. The Imbiah Lookout has several other nature-themed attractions such as the Sentosa Nature Discovery and Butterfly Park and Insect Garden. Tourists can appreciate the various interactive exhibits. You can also buy some shirts and other items sold in the souvenir shops and the Sentosa Online Store.

You will never run out of things to do once you step in Sentosa. From the stunning architecture of the buildings to the white sand beaches of Sentosa, it is indeed a great place to spend your vacation that is worth your money.