3 Cosmetic Dental Treatments to Solve Your Teeth Imperfections

Dental Procedures in IndianapolisEven if you weren’t born with a perfect set of teeth or neglect has caused damages to your teeth, you could still get the perfect smile you’ve always wanted. This is because of cosmetic dentistry that solves the most common problems about the appearance of teeth.

Here are three cosmetic dental procedures that you can get to get rid of your teeth imperfections once and for all.


Bleach is a common chemical that can make teeth whiter or get rid of tooth stains. If you want to smile with sparkling white teeth, this procedure is for you.

Most patients prefer to go to their trusted cosmetic dentist to get this procedure. Bleaching takes a couple of visits depending on the severity of the discoloration. Dentists use a mouthpiece to control how much bleach gets exposed to the teeth. However, some people prefer take-home bleaching kits that take weeks to take effect.


According to Indianapolis’s Gentle Dentist, dental implants are the common solution for tooth loss. The custom-made implants fit the gap left by the missing tooth. The dentist inserts the crown by using a titanium screw.

Implants are almost indistinguishable from other natural teeth you still have. Once the supporting tissue and the bone fuse, the implant will be there for life, as long as you take care of your teeth.


Veneers are replacements for crooked or cracked teeth, teeth with damaged enamel, teeth that have noticeable gaps, and so on. These consist of a medical-grade ceramic material to imitate natural teeth. It differs from dental implants because here, the tooth should still be present; the dentist places the veneer in front of the damaged tooth using an adhesive.

Consult your cosmetic dentist to know more about these procedures. You may need these to improve the appearance of your teeth.